Beauty clinic

Beauty and health - the main values in life! And you need to treat them like amber, a rare and expensive substance from the bottom of the ocean. It is this concept that we adhere to at the Ambra Beauty Clinic.

Only a healthy person can truly be beautiful!

We believe that the source of beauty lies in ourselves. And it is worth supporting it only natural and eco-friendly cosmetics.
Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and trust the professionals. Ambra beauty specialists will take care of the rest.


Smooth, velvety skin, rich lips, smooth and toned body - so you see yourself in dreams? Specialists of AпїЅmbra Beauty Clinic will be able to return and preserve your natural beauty.

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Change your hairstyle, hair color and styling. Do not change only one thing - regular care for your hair! Hair health, their strength and shine are the care of professional trichologists of the AпїЅmbra Beauty Clinic.

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and styling

The naturalness of each line, grace and naturalness - our understanding of true beauty and femininity. Visagistes of the AпїЅmbra Beauty Clinic will create a light everyday or seductive evening make-up.

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Where does femininity begin? With a light touch of the hand, with fine fingers and well-groomed nails. You are waited by a stylish resistant manicure, a noble pedicure, procedures for skin care of hands and feet.

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Massage / SPA

What you need to forget about the hectic everyday life? Relaxing music, pleasant aromas and strong and at the same time gentle hands of the masseur of the AпїЅmbra Beauty Clinic.

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Your beauty needs the right frame. Professional eyebrow masters of the AпїЅmbra Beauty Clinic will help to create the perfect shape of eyebrows, and adjust their color.

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